Pirotines de merluza con salsa blanca y maíz dulce

This recipe is great for Easter season we do not know what to invent to entertain our family. Almost always you can not ignore Easter fish and then we practice and easy recipe to make has occurred.


250 grams of hake spineless

2 tablespoons minced garlic

2 tablespoons chopped red bell pepper

2 tbsp scallion

6 green and black olives

2 eggs

chopped parsley

bread crumbs

1 can of sweetcorn

1 tsp nutmeg



olive oil

For the white sauce

50g butter

50g flour

100 ml of milk

Pirotines hake with white sauce and sweet corn


The first thing you do is take a pan, you put water until the middle of the pan and put to boil hake, you take a little salt and olive oil nut. Leave it about 20 minutes. Withdraw from the fire and schools.

Then in a food processor, you put boiled hake, garlic, paprika, green and black olives, onion medium green onions, salt, pepper and procesas all foods well. Once made a paste. With wet hands, you start making medium balls, you pass the egg, flour and breadcrumbs with chopped parsley. Once made all the balls, grab a pan, put a little olive oil, you put the balls and make them brown, then put on a blotter to remove excess oil and reserves.

While in a saucepan, place it butter, you do melt and add the flour, stir and you’re pouring milk slowly while on the fire. When you reach a creamy point, you fold. You miss the corn, add salt, nutmeg and stir. reservations

Place it in a roasting pan each pirotin, pellets hake, over delicately put white sauce with corn, if you want you can put a few grains more and you take it to oven for 5-7 minutes. Then take it out and serve on a platter elongated and taste !!


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